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The spiral wave trajectory motion of particles is the only reason for the establishment of the Poincare regression theorem (Background radiation is not evidence of the big bang of the cosmic singularity; Weak interaction parity conservation)

Xie Ling*

College of Cosmic Mathematics and Physics, China
*Corresponding author: Xie Ling, College of Cosmic Mathematics and Physics, China, Tel: 13973920402; E-mail:
Received: 23 April, 2022 | Accepted: 10 May, 2022 | Published: 12 May, 2022
Keywords: Spiral wave; Poincare’s return; CycleObject (particle) motion; Microwave background radiation; Cosmic singularity “Big Bang”

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Ling X (2022) The spiral wave trajectory motion of particles is the only reason for the establishment of the Poincare regression theorem (Background radiation is not evidence of the big bang of the cosmic singularity; Weak interaction parity conservation). Ann Math Phys 5(1): 029-035. DOI: 10.17352/amp.000037

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In short, an isolated and limited system will return to a state very close to the initial state in the long-term evolution process. For example, in a container, gas particles rotate in chaos and return to their initial position after a period of time. I have proved that everything is a spiral wave track (path) and has the property of wave:
v = Fλ ; λ= uT. It is proved that any finite object (particle) has a common period: the nearest distance and the farthest distance. Such as the earth and the moon; Earth and the sun; The three bodies of the earth, the moon and the sun, and the comet and the earth all meet periodically. Particles also have this property. The principle is due to the periodicity of the spiral of an object. The Poincare regression theorem is proved by using the spiral periodic wave model of the object. Proved that: Background radiation is not evidence of the big bang of the cosmic singularity; Weak interaction parity conservation.

Mathematical classification code: 70F20;70F45;03D55;76Y99; 81V25; 37A55

Research method

Use scientific standards:

  1. Every concept must be defined;
  2. Every definition must be logical (please prove that your definition is logical, or use logic to define it);
  3. Each definition has its own symbol representation (reasoning and argumentation only recognize symbols);
  4. It can’t conflict with the correct definition of predecessors and ancients;(those conforming to the first three items are the correct definitions).
  5. All the relations of definitions constitute a manuscript, which must be composed by logic;
  6. All argumentation and refutation can only refer to the concept with logical definition, and can not introduce new concept (new concept: the concept without logical definition).

According to the six standards of science, all logical theories will not conflict and paradox, and mathematical (all scientific) logic is self consistent.

To do the above six is scientific behavior, not to do is pseudo science (Sorcery)

In order to prevent pseudoscience from quarreling, we must abide by the sixth principle.

Attachment: logical (a ≯ a), illogical (a > a).

Got: scientific standards are fair truth (because: logical).

Evil ideas against scientific standards always exist, because scientific standards challenge evil ideas.

Opponents of scientific standards will argue that every concept goes back to “the most primitive concept (commonly known as the atomic concept). How do you ensure that the original concept definition is logical?”.

Answer: Because it is the most primitive concept and there are no other concepts, the most primitive concept will not conflict with other concepts (see logical definition. Logical equivalent expression: no contradiction; No conflict.).

So: the original concept is instinctive and natural, logical.

The refuter’s Refutation is null and void.

As long as a philosophical or theological and soul problem is demonstrated according to scientific standards, the demonstration process is a scientific behavior, and its conclusion is also a scientific conclusion.

A seemingly scientific problem {black hole; limit; cosmic singularity}, if it is not proved according to scientific standards. The demonstration process is unscientific, and the conclusion is a pseudo scientific conclusion.

Research ideas

This is a new research field and method, which reveals the motion law of all particles based on the motion trajectory of object particles

The motion law of particles proves the Poincare regression theorem [1,2].

I. Because the wave pattern has periodicity (regression),

II. Objects are made up of particles,

III. Particle and wave-particle duality [3]: wave property.

(i)+(ii)+(iii)→It is proved that the Poincare regression theorem is tenable [1].

Purpose of the study

According to the motion trajectory law of object particles (quantum) derived from the correct classical mechanics, the Poincare regression theorem in the ideal state is obtained by using the wave-particle duality wave function [1], which proves that the quantum wave-particle duality abides by the correct classical mechanics.

Using the correct classical mechanics theory, the motion trajectory law of objects (particles) is found, and a new conclusion of the Poincare regression theorem in the ideal state is proved.

The reason for the experiment and the conclusion of the old Poincare regression theorem is proved.

The conclusions of the two versions of the Poincare regression theorem point to one conclusion: the universe is eternal, and the microwave background radiation is not the evidence of the “Big Bang” of the cosmic singularity.

{(inertia theorem) + (Principles of mechanics) + (combined with variable speed behavior in reality)} proves that the universe is not an isolated closed system, thus proving that the universe is infinite.

Conclusion of Poincare regression theorem for non-isolated closed systems: there are no two congruent composite particles and two congruent composite events in the universe.

It is proved that there are neither two identical leaves nor two identical cobalt atoms, which proves that the theory of “parity non-conservation of weak interaction force” is wrong.

Ms. Wu Jianxiong [4], the experiment conducted at that time pointed to a fact because two cobalt atoms were not all equal in the experiment,

Because the wave functions of the two cobalt atoms are not synchronized and congruent,

The correct theory and facts are:

Electron P1 wave trajectory of cobalt atom P: ↺ a local part of this spiral wave pattern

Electron q1 wave trajectory of cobalt atom q: ↶ a local part of this spiral wave pattern

∵ p1≠q1, ∴∑p1≠∑q1 note: the motion function of P1:∑p1;

Similarly, the motion function of “q1”:∑q1

At extremely low temperatures, the spin of particles slows down, and two congruent cobalt atoms show asynchrony in the slow speed display (Two different particles have different wave functions): ↺↶ such a motion is interpreted by humans as “weak interaction parity asymmetry”

Such trajectory ( ↺↶) is the particle (quantum) wave-particle duality, which is arranged in a spiral wave tube:

See (Figure 1) and (Figure 2) for the normal particle motion law.

Two different particles, two-particle spiral wave patterns with different motion dynamics, human beings mistakenly regard as congruent motion orbits.

It is proved that “weak interaction parity is not conserved” is a wrong theory.

Dr. Wu’s experimental error is interpreted as: “weak interaction parity is not conserved”.

Ms. Wu Jianxiong’s experimental significance: it explains that the trajectory of particles is a spiral wave But humans miss the opportunity to understand the truth.

This lesson reminds human beings that all experiments must be explained by correct theory. You can’t use experiments to round up a wrong lie.


March 2018. Researchers at the University of Vienna have successfully confirmed a “Poincare regression” phenomenon in a multi-particle quantum system. The research results have been published in the journal Science [5]. Human laboratories cannot be isolated:

Because of human observation, the ray particles emitted by the instrument enter the laboratory, interfering with the normal movement of the experimental object; Because the walls of the laboratory cannot isolate particles such as neutrinos from entering the experimental area [6], which will interfere with the normal movement of the experimental object.

Therefore, the conclusion of the laboratory can only be that it is very close to the initial stateAccording to the principle of inertia [1]: Theoretically, the isolation zone experiment should return to the absolute initial state. Because I proved that the universe is infinite (see another manuscript), the infinite universe is not isolated and closed (the infinite universe has no outermost boundary: it does not meet the definition of isolation and closure).

∴ → The distance between the moon and the earth leaves another 3.8 cm every year [7].

The earth and moon are also Poincare regression experiments, but they are not isolated system field experiments, so there is no absolute state regression.

From the spring equinox of each year to the spring equinox of the next year, it is also an approximate expression of Poincare’s regression state. Comets appear periodically, which is also an approximate expression of Poincare’s regression state.

Poincare regression theorem

In a closed system, after a long time, any particle is bound to return to its position infinitely close to its initial position (but it can’t return to its original position, it can only be infinitely close). Although the length of this time is much longer than we can think, it is bound to be realized. Such a cycle is called a Poincare regression.

This is an old Poincare regression theorem The proof method [2] is to use set mapping and the potential energy U (x1, x2) →∞ of two-dimensional mechanics. It is obtained that it can not return to the original position, but can only be infinitely close.

Such proof only knows the approximate conclusion and does not know what principle makes the object particles return to their previous position.

The wave function motion of the particle (quantum) derived from the correct classical mechanics obtains the Poincare regression theorem of the ideal state [1]

It also explains its principle and explains the regression of object particles with physical motion trajectories.

Poincare regression theorem in an ideal state [1] In a closed finite space, any n objects (particles) must return to their morphological positions in the past after a finite and long time(The same shape and exact location).

Mathematical formula of Poincare regression theorem:

∑(A1, A2,…, An)→

∑A1+∑(A2,…, An)→

∑A1+∑A2+∑(A3,…, An)→

∑A1+∑A2+∑A3+…+∑An-1+ ∑An →

∑(A1,…, An-2)+∑An-1+∑An→

∑(A1,…, An-1)+∑An→

∑(A1, A2,…, An)→

This model is the completion of a Poincare return.

Simplify the schematic explanation with three particles:


(⋅) (⋅⋅)→

(⋅) (⋅) (⋅)→

(⋅⋅) (⋅)→



Because of the tiny neutrino effect, human beings cannot make a closed laboratory to do the Poincare regression experiment,

Therefore, the existing human experiments and celestial observations can only get the approximate conclusion of Poincare regression.

It is obtained that the Poincare regression theorem is only established by the ideal experiment (closed isolated system).

Poincare regression theorem holds in closed isolated system theory.

Logic can prove the Poincare regression theorem:

I proved that all objects (particles) are spiral wave trajectories (which will be proved later),

Schematic diagram of two-dimensional wave recorded by plane Figure 1.

(Figure 2) it is just a three-dimensional visual diagram of the wave shape trajectory of the trajectory is not material, the wave is not material, and the wave is a material attribute (material attribute: a new concept defined by material particles. Trajectory is the motion trajectory of material particles, so the wave is a material attribute).

The wave function standard equation of the above two figures

∑p=m(v1=a, v2=b, v3=t)

In the closed area, two wave functions are equivalent to the object (particle) equation

∑p1=m(v1=a, v2=b, v3=t)

∑p2=m(v1=a, v2=b, v3=t)

V1: the linear velocity of the object on the spiral line on the spiral track.

V2: spin speed of the object.

V3:The projection of the moving object corresponds to the velocity on the centerline of the spiral track tube. It is proved to be a time uniform velocity [8].

Σ P1 = Σ P2, congruent schematic diagram of wave type Figure 3.

According to the principle of inertia [1], the trajectory of an object in an isolated system is uniform, because there is no external force and no speed change(the principle of inertia proves that the universe is infinite: there is no external force Faction: Σ PV = ∑ PV = ∑ PV =... = ∑ PV,

Which moves at a uniform speed in the original state of motion. External force Faction: F+∑PV=∑P(V+V1)≠∑PV Is the variable speed after external force: ∑PV →∑P(V+V1) If the universe is an isolated, closed and finite region, we cannot move at a variable speed So the universe is infinite).

The wave patterns of the two particles are congruent, that is, they are relatively stationary to each other: the original state remains unchanged. Respect Poincare regression theorem.

When n wave-type particles: Σp= ∑p1= ∑p2= ∑p3=…= ∑pn

It is obtained that the shapes of n particle wave functions are equal

That is, they are relatively stationary to each other: the original state remains unchanged.

Respect Poincare regression theorem.

Two objects (particles) have different wave patterns

∑p1=m(v1=a, v2=b, v3=t); ∑p2=m(v1=a+k1, v2=b-k, v3=t,

See schematic diagram

The two wave patterns are different: see different frequencies and different wavelengths in the schematic diagram Figure 4.

See red and green particles (objects).

regulations: both particles take time t.

Green particles pass through one wavelength and red particles pass through two wavelengths, as shown in the Figure 5 below:

By the periodicity of the wave, it is also a uniform wave.

Therefore, “it must be able to reach a position arrangement of the same form that once appeared”.

Set a certain state of both parties in the past as f (see Figure 4, red and green points),

Wavelength diagram: take any point in the uniform wave and then take the next corresponding point:

(Figure 6) the “straight line segment” distance between two breakpoints is: wavelength λ.

Set red particle completion wavelength λ1 time taken: t1;

Set the green particle finish wavelength λ2 time taken: t2

Get: Arbitrarily set a state, called β Status.

regulations: β=((λ1)(∑p1))&((λ2)(∑p2) (1)

ΣP1 will get the status at {t1,2(t1),3(t1),…,(t2)(t1)}time point:((λ1)(∑p1)) (2)

ΣP2 will get the status at {t2,2(t2),3(t2),…,(t1)(t2)}time point:((λ2)(∑p2)) (3)

Passing of both parties(t1)×(t2),the particle state at this time is: β’ .

(2),(3) results:{((λ1)(∑p1)&(λ2)(∑p2)}∈{(t1)×(t2)}

β’=(λ1)(∑p1)&(λ2)(∑p2) (4)

From (1) and (4): β≌β’

(β → β’) Completed a Poincare return.

[key point: because I took the common time of both sides: (t1)×(t2),

Relationship between period and frequency [9]: f = 1 / T. (where f is the frequency and T is the period):(T1)×(f1)=(T2)×(f2)]

Respect Poincare regression theorem.

The number of particles {m1, m2, m3,…, mn} is finite n (0 < n ∈ N), and the wave patterns are different from each other.

Set any state:

The state at T0 is called β Status: {m1, m2, m3,…, mn} + T0= β

Each particle has its own wavelength, and their time is {t1, t2, t3,..., tn}

each particle has a wavelength, and the time is {t1, t2, t3,…,tn}

The common times of n are taken:(t1)×(t2)×(t3)×…×(tn)=Tn ∈ (limited time)

The same logic:





β State elapsed time (t1)×(t2)×(t3)×…×(tn) must reach the next same state: β’ Status.

β State≌β’ state

Respect Poincare regression theorem.

Note: { β Status → β’ State} has experienced many spiral tube trajectories (see Figure 2), not an elliptical trajectory From last year’s new year’s day to this year’s new year’s day, we experienced many spiral tube trajectories, but not completed a closed elliptical trajectory (because particles can not return to the past time [8], the motion of celestial bodies cannot form circular motion or elliptical motion).

The material m in a closed space is a combination of n particles.

The record will get a two-dimensional plan, S-type,

It’s like doing an electrocardiogram for a person and getting a two-dimensional plan S-shape [10] on paper,

Turn the person 360 degrees to make n two-dimensional plans, and the two-dimensional plans are still obtained.

Electrocardiograms taken from all parts of the earth are the same.

According to the mathematical topology [11] principle, the prototype visual diagram of the two-dimensional plan S-shape must be a three-dimensional spiral diagram (see Figure 2).

It is assumed that the two-dimensional plan S-type prototype visual map is still the two-dimensional plan S-type.

Then there must be a “straight-line geometry” in the n drawings. Contradiction with reality.

Exclude assumptions.

It is proved that the visual truth of the plane wave function diagram must be a three-dimensional spiral wave type.

When human beings forcibly record on a two-dimensional drawing, a two-dimensional plane wave S-shape is bound to appear.


Physical meaning (W): (stability: uniform velocity v. instability: variable velocity a) all composite particles in an infinite non isolated system are unstable at time t (T > 0). Reason: the non isolated system always has interference from external forces.Theoretically, it is dynamic instability, and the detected instability changes with time.

There are no two congruent composite particles in an infinite non isolated system, so there are no two identical people, two identical leaves, or two identical atoms in the universe.

Background radiation is not evidence of the big bang of the cosmic singularity.

Theorem: microwave background radiation [12] is not evidence of the cosmic singularity “Big Bang” [13].


Hypothesis: microwave background radiation homologous cosmic singularity “Big Bang”.

It is concluded that all elements in the universe are homologous to the cosmic singularity “Big Bang” and Must belong to one β Status.

Setting 1: a is the wave (or wave-particle, or blackbody) in the microwave background radiation of the cosmic singularity “Big Bang”.

Setting 2: b is a particle formed at the earliest time t of the cosmic singularity “Big Bang”. Today, a particle b1 (b1 ∈ b) in the earth.

Setting 3: when a and b(b1∈b) are at the same t, the size and form of the early universe at this time is β. At this time, the sun and the earth have not yet formed: {☼,☪}∉β.

∵ In cosmic singularity “Big Bang” theory → the universe is a limited isolated system.

∴ The Poincare regression theorem can be cited.

According to the Poincare regression theorem:

At time t, a, and b(b1∈b) are homologous β Size status. After (nt) time, it must return to β’ Status. (n∈N).

must: β≌β’

b1 on earth receives “a” today, that is, b1 and “a” meet again and return to the periodic state: β’

∵ today’s β’ There is the sun and the earth: {☼,☪}∈β'

Poincare regression theorem →(β≌β’) → β ({☼,☪}∈β) There is the sun and the earth Conflict with “setting 3”.

So the assumption is wrong.

Proved that there is no cosmic singularity “Big Bang”.

∴It is proved that the microwave background radiation is not evidence of the “Big Bang” of the cosmic singularity.


The source of microwave background radiation can only be guessed: it comes from the relatively long-term reactive radiation of a star in the Milky Way.

Parity non conservation of weak interaction is a wrong theory

Known: two composite particles cobalt 60 atoms: {P, q},

Take:{∀p1,∃ q1} → {p1∈p, q1∈q}

Wave function of P: ∑p, Wave function of p1: ∑p1.

Wave function of q: ∑q, Wave function of q1: ∑q1.

Same particle (p, q) definition: Take its basic unit (or minimum unit: quantum): m1

Effective time t (t > 0):{0 < n∈N,∀p1∈p,∃q1∈q}→{∑p1=∑q1,∑P≌∑q,p=q=n×m1)}

Parity conservation:{p=q,∑p≌∑q,∑P1≌∑q1}→{∑p1=∑q1} (5)

Parity non conservation:{p=q,∑P≌∑q,∑P1≌∑q1}→{∑p1≠∑q1} (6)

In the experiment: Experimenter’s hypothesis{p= q, ∑p≌∑q}. (7)

Ms. Wu set up an ultra-low temperature (let particles P and q rotate at a low speed) environment and observed the following conclusions: {(∑P1 → ↺),( ∑q1 → ↶)}.


∵ the infinite universe is not an isolated system (in reality, variable speed behavior + inertia principle = the universe is not an isolated system)

∵ humans can’t make an absolute vacuum laboratory [6].

Effective time t, (W)→:there are no two identical composite particles cobalt 60 atoms in the universe: P and q.

(W)→ ∴ p≠q;

∴ {∑p=p(v1=a, v2=b, v3=t)}≠{∑q=q(v1=a-y, v2=b+y, v3=t)}

∴ ∑p≠∑q, ∴ ∑p1≠∑q1, ∴ {(p1 → ↺),( q1 → ↶)}

∵ {∑p≠∑q, ∑p1≠∑q1 }

∴Formula (6) cannot be satisfied and formula (6) cannot be obtained.

Reason: {two different particles cannot meet (5) and (6)} (8)

It turns out that hypothesis (7) is wrong. The experiment can only prove (In the observation time range, there are no two congruent composite particles and composite events), and prove the error of weak interaction parity non conservation theory.Experiments show that the motion of particles is a spiral trajectory.

The experimental observation has a chronological order: when T1 time sees P1, it is (↺), and q1 seen at T2 time rotates to (↶).

Spiral wave trajectories ( ↺↶) do not negate the conservation of the weak interaction force universe (the experiment does not prove that the weak interaction force universe is not conserved).

In mathematical and ideal experiments, there is a time difference when particle P1 is observed at the effective time t.

T1 time: ∑p1= ↺ (9)

T2 time: ∑p1 = ↶ (10)

Note: T2 > T1

(9)And (10) are the same uniform wave pattern. At different times, an observer obtains an image.

{It is proved that for the uniform spiral function wave of the same particle, the particle images obtained by the observer at different times cannot be overlapped.} (11)

Two observers from different angles look at the image at the same time: (∑p1 = ↺)

What you see at position A is (∑p1 = ↶) and what you see at position B is (∑p1 = ↺).

Because of the uniform spiral wave type:

A position sees P1 approaching(∑p1 = ↶), and B position sees P1 leaving(∑p1 = ↺).

It can be proved that (∑p1= ↺) ≌ (∑p1 = ↶). (12)

{(12)}→ It is proved that mathematics and ideal physics: parity conservation. The parity conservation of weak interaction is proved.

{(8)+(11)+(12)}→Parity non conservation of weak interaction is a wrong theory.


(τ-θ)The mystery proved τ Particles and θ Particles are two different kinds of particles.

It negates the theory of Li Zhengdao and Yang Zhenning’s Nobel Prize [16] (1957) “parity non conservation law in weak interaction”.

The truth is: Ms. Wu’s experiment only proves that the motion orbit of particles is spiral, and does not deny the non conservation of parity due to the action of weak phase.


The more objects (particles) discussed, the longer the Poincare regression time. See comet [14,15].

Send a photon from the earth. If it is not “collided by space materials and changed its orbit at variable speed”, it will return to the state of meeting the earth in a long time.

Please note that the two states are equal, not that you (object) can go back to the past time.

It proves that all correct theories inherit the correct basic classical theories.

Poincare regression is completed in an isolated system. There will be two identical states (two identical objects) without external force interference. This is pure mathematical proof and an ideal physical conclusion.

The existing human ability cannot make an isolated system, because there are always smaller particles that can enter the experimental field and interfere with the accuracy of the experiment.

The universe is infinite (proving that the universe is not an isolated system), The material combination of the universe has been changing in motion: there will be neither two identical composite objects nor two equal event states. There will be no real “Poincare return” in the real universe. Facts have proved that the local phenomenon has an approximate “Poincare regression”.The infinite universe cannot form a “Poincare return”.

It is proved that the microwave background radiation is not evidence of the “Big Bang” of the cosmic singularity.

It is proved that:Weak interaction parity conservation.

People who deny the truth with experiments: they don’t understand all physical and natural behaviors, or secretly change the concept and conclusion, or the experiment can’t meet the theoretical requirements.

Definition of truth theory: proposition of logical theory. Definition of fallacy: non logical theoretical proposition.

From the definition: as long as each concept conforms to the logic, the proposition is the truth. No experiment is required to test the truth. Truth does not need experiments. Experiments only serve experiments (small experiments take data for large experiments, and rocket launch experiments serve the launch of satellites).

Physical experiments can not deny the theory, first, because the experiment can not meet the theoretical conditions. Second, because the experiment must first be explained by logical theory.

The experiment without logical theory explanation has no theoretical significance. How can the experiment without theoretical significance negate the theory and prove the theory?

The correct theory is the truth,

Definition of truth: proposition of logical concept.

According to the definition of truth, such a proposition is truth as long as every concept is logical.

From the definition of truth, we know that truth does not require to be verified by experiments.

∴ {practice is the only criterion for testing truth} is a wrong view.

Significance of experiment: provide data for another experiment It also serves another experiment.

The experiment was not annotated by the concept of logical theory, and such an experiment has no theoretical basis.

An experiment without a theoretical basis cannot explain the authenticity of another theory.

Therefore, the experiment must be explained by correct theory Without this step, the object of the experiment is unknown, and the purpose of the experiment is unknown (is matter? What are number and non number? What is force? What is gravity?).

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