Alireza Valipour Baboli

Ph.D Mathematics
Technical and Vocational University
Journal Associated: Annals of Mathematics and Physics Biography:

1: Ranked first among the 2000 hemorrhages in pure mathematics at Mazandaran University.

2: Use of the first-rate quotas for admission to the 2006 Graduate Certificate in the Master's Degree Program at Mazandaran University, in the field of purely mathematical analysis, written by a written organization from the country's assessment and education organization.

3: Achievement of the third rank among the hemorrhages of the year 2005 in the master's degree of the University of Mazandaran  in the field of pure mathematics among all trends (geometry-geometry analysis) and among all the daily and university courses.

4: Students' participation in the polar stage at the University of Gilan, which participated in the years 2003-2003, after receiving a degree in mathematics at the University of Applied Sciences in Madrid, to send a student team to the Mathematical Olympiad.

5: earning the title of Senior Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Directorate of Planning and Budget of the IRGC in 2009.
6: Second place in high school in Babol, Shahid Beheshti University in 1998
7: Has a teaching ID in all Islamic Azad University units at 303107301229501
8: Has a teaching ID in the Applied Scientific Applied Sciences University at 9210000116798

9: Secondary and Secondary High School Grades in Babol Shahid Beheshti High School

10: Member of the Research and Young Researchers Club of the Islamic Azad University of Qa'im Shahr Bakht Identification 3972181070003

11 members of the editorial board of the IRJET International Journal of Engineering Technology

12: International Referee for Fuzzy Optimization and Modeling

Research Interest: Fixed point theorem, Measure of noncompactness, Functional Analysis, Real Analysis, Fuzzy Spaces, Impulsive Differential Equation