Saeed Hashemi Sababe

Associated Professor
Mathematical and statistical Sciences
University of Alberta
Journal Associated: Annals of Mathematics and Physics Biography:

I earned my PhD in 2018 in Iran, where I defended my thesis on Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces and their applications. During my PhD, I was honored with the Research Scholar Award, which allowed me to conduct research at the University of Iowa, United Satate, under the mentorship of Professor Palle Jorgensen. Following the completion of my PhD, I accumulated approximately four years of experience teaching at the university level. In 2020, I applied for and was appointed as a Visiting Professor at the University of Alberta, Canada, a position I held until 2022. During my time at the University of Alberta, I conducted extensive research and published over 20 papers (latest one on February 2024 in “Fixed Point Theory”), with significant contributions in journals such as Fixed Point Theory (Romania), Journal of Computational Mathematics, Journal of Nonlinear and Convex Analysis, Symmetry, and Mathematica Slovaca. Parallel to my academic endeavors, I began serving as a peer reviewer, having authored more than 100 peer review reports for various scholarly journals over the past four years. Currently, while maintaining a loose affiliation with the University of Alberta, I am leveraging my expertise in practical applications as the Director and Head of the Research and Development Section at Data Premier Analytics Company. In this role, I lead a team in conducting research and implementing our findings in real-world projects.

Research Interest:

Operator Thoery and Applocations, Banach Algebras and Applications, Fixed Point Thoery and Applications, Complex Functions and Application, Data Science and Data Analysis