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    About AMP

    Annals of Mathematics and Physics is an open access, global and peer reviewed journal. It is dedicated to publishing cutting edge research work in the field of Mathematics and Physics.

    The journal has a distinguished and eminent Editorial board which takes care of stringent peer review process. Thus, ensures publication of quality research work.  

    Physics as a subject has evolved by many folds since the time of Newton. Today physics is giving birth to new avenues in particle physics and in explaining the evolution of the universe. Similarly, innovative work of physicists made it possible for computer science to evolve and change the world completely. Annals of Mathematics and Physics provides a platform to researchers and physicists to publish breakthrough research work which impacts the entire world.     

    Mathematics is a language of nature and is a strong tool to understand laws of nature. Renowned Indian mathematician Ramanujan once said that "an equation has no meaning for me unless it expresses a thought of God". Mathematics is a powerful means to formulate laws of physics and both the subjects are inseparable from each other. Annals of Mathematics and Physics captures this fact and provides researchers, scientists and academicians with a perfect medium to publish their research work in the field of physics and mathematics.